About SweHealth 

We who work with body-related problems daily soon discover the needs of her people. After twelve years has pushed Naprapatklinik and met many people with many different body-related problems, obviously increases the understanding of the importance of treatment, exercise, sleep, diet, etc.

We at SweHealth has succecivt sought suppliers that we think fit, in order to satisfy our customers with the right products. Our range includes everything from simple equipment to the athlete himself or pursuing a hobby to advanced equipment for those who run large gym or any kind of professional treatment.

We think it should be possible for as many people as possible to shop for products related to health, why are our catalog also cheap and affordable products that will fit many budgets.

We are active in many areas such as: exercise equipment, medical equipment, medical equipment, pillow-top mattresses, yoga and more.

Go into our catalog and browse so you will surely find a product that suits you.

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