Protection headrest massage bench 100x

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massagebänks skydd

Once head cover

For reasons of hygiene, we recommend that you cover / protect the headrest. This one-time head cover is used to protect the headrest / headrest from sweat and dirt. Your customers will love the feel of our disposable head restraints, providing extra comfort for your customers.

Highest quality! Hygiene is an important part of your job as a therapist, and that you extend the shelf life of your bench when protecting it from fats and infections or infecting 

More information:

Width: 41 cm 
Length: 31 cm 
Quantity: 100 pieces

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Material: Non-woven fiber, läcker, mjuk och absorberande
Förpackning: återförslutningsbara förpackningar om 100.
Montera: Passar 99% av alla kuddar på marknaden.
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