Anatomical Models

Anatomical Models Popular is our Spine Model

When teachers have their anatomy lessons more vivid, it's a good idea to use anatomical models. Often the anatomical teaching from textbooks supplemented with examples. Transparencies or other graphic material. Although this point is good, then it is not as good and inspiring as the physical anatomy models in his hands.

With anatomical models, students can see, touch and feel of the structures and organs that are taught and tactile experience improves learning. Take, for instance. classical education of the heart, where pictures and books is not good to visualize the heart's complex three-dimensional structure and many arteries, heart chambers, the chambers and valves.

With an anatomical heart model as such. SL30 becomes understanding of cardiac anatomy significantly lighter and students benefit from being able to rotate, rotate and examine the heart from all angles.

Another example is the overall understanding of the body's systems, in particular, include the digestive system, karssystem, urinary tract and nervous system mm. For explanation and teach them, it's amazing torso models or body dolls, where all the bodies can be seen, touched and taught in a systematic context. For example. torso A310 model shows the anatomy in detail and makes anatomy teaching and inspiring even more compelling to students.

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