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5-piece brain model, delivered in a three-part shell skirt after the skull of European origin. The combination is interesting for anyone who deals with brain anatomy, brain injury and patient education.

About the brain model

5-split model with left hemispheres in a part and right hemisphere divided into cerebellum, temporal occipital appendage, brain stem, parietal frontal patch. The model has deep head in the cortex and looks beautiful. The model is molded after a true brain preparation and is therefore slightly less than the average brain size. The brain is held together with magnets and is easy to handle in practice.

Brain model can also be purchased separately, search for model 1000226.

About the skull

The crane is called a movable and detachable lower jaw and removable skull plate. The crane has clear sutures and gives a good understanding of the crane's topography. The model is made of German 3B and is the same skull used on our 3B skeletons.

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