Brain model in 15 parts with cytoarchitectural areas

Naturlig storlek, tillverkad av SOMSO-Plast, efter Prof. Dr J W Rohen, Institutionen för anatomi vid universitetet i Erlangen. Modellen innehåller 15 separata delar: hjärnhalva (2), temporal- och occipitallober med limbiska systemet, lillhjärna, …

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Natural size, manufactured by SOMSO-Plast, by Prof. Dr J W Rohen, Department of Anatomy at the University of Erlangen. The model contains 15 separate parts: brain half (2), temporal and occipital lobes with limbic system, cerebellum, forehead, corpus callosum, brain stem (2), corpus striatum, insula (2), nucleus lentiformis (left), inner capsule (right) and the ventricles of the brain. The shell base as a base.

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