Large educational brain model with colors, names and in 5 parts on the stand

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New brain model in the assortment. This anatomical brain model is in an enlarged version of about 1.5 times normal size. The brain model differs from the other models in its 4-part range, clear color marking and numbering as well as relevant descriptive names written directly on the model.

The model makes it easier to identify areas of interest, using the texts such as includes specification on the motor cortex with indications of 'tounge', face, nose, etc. just as the relationship between cognitive properties and defined areas in the brain is also named for example. language, speech, intuition, etc.

The origin of the cranes and a number of other structures and areas are numbered and named in English via the attached list.

The model can be divided into:

- Complete left hemisphere

- Right brain stem with right cerebellum

- Right front door incl. part of the temporal and parietal lap

- Occipitallap and part of parietal juice

The parts are assembled via solid metal sticks and are manufactured in durable plastic.

The model rests on a metal stand, which is mounted on a nice and presentable wooden foot. The brain model can be lifted by stative without any hassle.

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