Heart model that shows the result after a bypass operation

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Looking for a heart model that can be used to explain or understand a bypass operation, this model is perfect. It is a little smaller than the natural size of the heart. The front of the heart is removable and the model is delivered on a removable base.


The heart model shows the most important anatomical structures in the heart while smaller macroscopic structures are not seen. Therefore, for example, the auricles do not contain trabeculae. The different colors of the model symbolize the different types of tissue (fat, muscle etc.)


Anatomically, the model shows the heart's 4 cavity (atriums and cavity), the blood's blood vessels (arteries and veins), the 4 flaps, the blood vessel's blood vessels to and from the heart, and an indication that the heart's structure consists of 3 different layers (endo- , myo, and pericardium). The heart's justice system is not seen.


Clinically, the significant changes are seen after a bypass operation. In addition to this, no pathological (disease) is seen, but on the model there are different structures in which diseases can occur, such as heart valve disease and inflammation.


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