Enlarged kidney model incl. adrenal gland showing a longitudinal section of the kidney

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This kidney model is enlarged and shows a longitudinal section of the kidneys, the entire kidney trunk and adrenal glands.

The kidneys measure 15 cm in height and the entire model weighs 183 grams. It comes on a white stand. 

A laminated information card is accompanied by an image of the kidney model, where its anatomical structures are named in English (see pictures to the left). 

Anatomically, the model shows the kidneys incl. adrenal gland. Furthermore, the "kidney trunk" with blood vessels to and from the kidneys and kidney bone is seen. The introduction of the ureter is also included.

The kidneys appear in a longitudinal section. Anatomical structures such as the bark, marrow in the form of pyramids, blood vessels and the entire renal pelvis are seen. 

Clinically, the kidney model can be used to understand disorders and diseases such as kidney failure, inflammatory conditions, kidney stones, hydronephrosis and kidney tumors. 

In addition, the model can be used to understand studies such as ultrasound examination, CT urography and kidney function examination as well as treatment as relief of drainage problems.

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