Foot skeleton that merges with magnets

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A unique anatomical casting of a foot skeleton where all bones are assembled with magnets - all the way from talus to phalanges distales.

The model is perfect for those who want to see the legs of the foot but at the same time the contact surfaces between the legs.

An exciting alternative to other foot skeletons that are usually sold on steel wire and the like

Anatomically shows the foot model a bit of tibia, a leg of the bone (fibula) and the whole foot (pedis) with 26 legs. Therefore, the model shows only legs and joints.

Detail level is high, although sesame bones are not included

Movementally, this model is not flexible. The legs are held together by small magnets, and especially in the utmost tolerance the legs fall easily apart. Therefore, the model can not be used to show full movements like "inversion-eversion".

On the other hand, the model offers a rare flexibility, which makes it possible to see the legs from all angles. Thus, for example, it is possible to see the complex lower surfaces of the lower ankle (subtle joints under the leg's leg / legs).

You can literally also throw all your legs out on a table and collect the skeleton of the foot as a puzzle for educational purposes.

Clinically, the model is ideal for understanding many types of ankle fractures, fractures in the midfoot and toe fractures.

It is also perfect for understanding luxations (joints) and foot shapes such as flat feet, hollow feet, metatarsus varus, hallux valgus, hallux rigidus and hammertå.

The model can also be used to understand disorders like osteoarthritis of the foot (osteoarthritis) and rheumatoid arthritis.

NOTE! If you are looking for a foot model that can be used to show all significant foot movements, we recommend our very flexible model as you can see (click here)

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