Hand muscle model with a part of the forearm, standing

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Natural size hand model, manufactured by SOMSO-Plast. After Dr. Niels Benatar. The model consists of six parts, which can be mounted down. On a base with green base. Natural colors are used uniformly, which means that muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves appear as they would in a bloodless area during the operation. Interchangeable moieties include typical pathological findings in carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, and Dupuytren's disease. On a green base.

Anatomically speaking, extremely realistic tissue is presented. For example, the model's tendons appear white and shiny, while the nerves appear to be white.

The model not only illustrates "the contents of the carpal tunnel (canalis carpi), extensor and flexor nerves, the various muscle groups in the hand, blood vessels (arteries and veins), nerves, ligaments and bone tissue. Also, details such as fibrous fingertips (vaginae fibrosae digitorum scripts) with both its obliquely stretching fibers and annular beats and the skeletal muscle "joints" on bone tissue.

When it comes to movement, the model is not flexible.

Clinically, this model is intended for professionals as orthopedic surgeons. It is ideal for working with disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome (KTS), wrist disinfectant, feather finger (trigger finger / digitus saltans), Dupuytren's contracture (butt finger) and much more.

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