Model of the skeleton of the hand and both forearms

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This very simple model shows the hand and forearm in natural size. Several of the legs sit together with steel wire.

Anatomically, the hand model shows the entire radius (radius), the entire elbow (ulna) and the entire hand (script). The model shows only bones and the many joints between them. The bone structure is realistic and therefore important anatomical "landmarks" such as projections and recesses are clearly seen.

In terms of movement, the model is flexible and can therefore be used to demonstrate wrist movements such as flexion. The radius can be rotated.

Clinically, this model is perfect for understanding the fractures of the hand and the distal part of the forearm such as Colle's, Smith's and Barton's fracture, scaphoideum fracture, etc. In addition, it is good to use for understanding luxations (out of joint) and osteoarthritis.

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