Mini-knee joint with cross section

Mini-knee joint with half-size cross-section, full flexibility. In addition, the knee model has a cross section of the joint mounted on the base, so that the mechanisms of the joint can be explained "from within"

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Model of the knee joint in half size but with full flexibility. In addition, a cross-sectional view of the knee joint on the frame to which the model is attached is seen.

  Anatomically speaking, the knee model shows part of the femur, a part of the tibia (part of the leg bone) and the knee cap (patella). In addition, cartilage-coated common surfaces are colored in a light blue color. 

The small complementary model with the cross section of the knee joint shows both the bone structure and soft tissues such as fat and bursae (bursa).

The moving model is not flexible. Since the knee joint is held together with metal, the joint can only be bent (bent) and elongated (stretched). Other movements cannot be detected at all.

Clinically, this package solution is ideal for understanding the knee osteoarthritis (knee arthritis), bursitis (bursa inflammation) and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be used to understand disorders such as patellar (knee capsule displacement), patella fractures and knee joint fractures. 

The model can also be used to understand disorders such as ligament injuries, meniscus ulcers and running and swimming knees.

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