Right Arm Skeleton with scapula and clavicle

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Skeleton model of right arm, shoulder blade and clavicle in natural size. The shoulder joint, elbow joint and wrist are movable. The hand is mounted with steel wire and moves only limited. Made in Germany.

Anatomically, the skeletal part shows all the bones in the hand, the bones of the forearm, the upper arm, the shoulder blade and the collarbone (collarbone).

The level of detail on the bones is really good. The scope of "osseous landmarks" includes both large details such as tuberculum majus and minus the humerus (upper arm bone) as well as minor details such as processus styloideus radii and ulnae.

As something special, the epiphyseal lines are seen on the humerus as well as the ulna (elbow bone) and radius (coil bone).

Movementally, the joints of the arm are not as flexible because most joints are held together by metal, allowing limited opportunity to demonstrate their natural movements. Furthermore, the upper leg can be completely removed.

Clinically, the arm is ideal for understanding the diseases, disorders and genes in this part of the skeleton.

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