Skeletal model of bone

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Complete lower limb skeleton. All bones except the sesame bones are shown - thus: os coxae, femur, patella, tibia, fibula and all the legs of the foot.

Os coxae is equipped with a rubber band and lock which allows the leg to move freely and is removed from the hip bone. The knee joint can be bent naturally and the lower leg can be removed from the femur by screwing on a small nut on the metal stick in the knee. The medial and lateral malleol, talus and calcaneus consist of rubber bands and this also makes them movable. 

Anatomically, the skeletal part shows all the legs of the foot, the two legs of the lower leg, the skull, the femur and the hip bone.

The level of detail of the legs is very good and shows very accurate reproductions of the anatomical details. However, sesame seeds are not included.

The range of "osseous landmarks" includes both major details such as major trochanter and minor femur as well as minor details such as tuberositas ossis metatarsalis V.

Moving, the hip, ankle and lower ankle are very flexible as they are held together by elastic.

In the hip joint, all natural movements can be demonstrated and removed as a lock is mounted on the elastic.

In the ankle joint (the talocural joint between the leg bones and the root) the angular movement called "plantar flexion-dorsiflexion" can be demonstrated, and in the lower ankle (subtalar joint under the talus / roller leg) "inversion-eversion" can be demonstrated.

Most other joints on the skeleton part are held together by metal / steel wire, which gives limited opportunity to show their natural movements. Furthermore, the lower leg can also be completely removed by loosening the nut on the metal pin holding the joint together.

Clinically, the bone is ideal for understanding diseases, disorders and genes in this part of the skeleton.

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