Ryggrad skelett modeller

Spinal anatomy

Columna, dry spine, spine model. Our spines have many names and you will find our large selection of spine models here. To name a few, we have complete spines with the pelvis and nerves, models with prolapse and parts of the spine such as atlas and axis

Swehealth offers many different spine models, all with different benefits. Judging by the pictures, the spine models may be very similar to each other, but there are always differences that can make one model better for you than another. For example, we have two miniature backbone models, both of which are very nice, but which are much smaller than the models that are made in life size. However, the small spine models are easy to handle, easy to carry and do not take up as much space.

A spine model is a model that can be used for demonstrations anatomically with different back positions such as lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis and how the different vertebrae interact in different positions. A cheaper spine model can do all this, but the quality is not as exclusive and the durability will be accordingly. Whatever you buy, it is often a matter of compromising between quality and price.

Swehealth orders directly from the factory and therefore offer cheap products with good quality. Swehealth has many years of experience of the spine as Åke is a medical Naprapath and has worked with the spine for 12 years.

We have sold anatomical spine models and know virtually all models on the market. We have put together our current range according to what we consider to be the most interesting that exists both in relation to quality and price. We have our own models, where the price is attractive and the quality is very good. In addition, we sell spine models that are extremely detailed, with, for example, marked muscle booklets and origins. Our goal is to have something for everyone, but without confusing with an overly large selection. Contact us if there is something you can not find or if you need tips!

Ask our Naprapat Åke about everything backbone email = info@swehealth.se