Model of the uterus, cervix and spoon knitted in wool

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If you are looking for a practical, illustrative and educational birth model to explain birth and related issues, this model is ideal. It is especially purchased by midwives and midwives.

The model is knitted in 100% pure wool, which is soft and easy to work with. Its colors are blue & brown. It weighs close to nothing and is very durable. 

NOTE: A fetal doll is not included as shown in the one image on the left. 

Our range of pregnancy models includes a placenta (placenta) and umbilical cord (as well as chorion and amnion) for targeted birth preparation. The fetus doll fits this maternity model exactly in wool. Several of our clients choose this combination for birth preparation and birth demonstration. 

You can read more about the foster doll via THIS LINK 

Furthermore, it can be purchased at the price below. 

A model that is effective in demonstrating cervical shortening, opening and expulsion of the cervix. 

Regarding the demonstration of births, the model can be used to understand: 

The movements of the fetus that help it get down through the birth canal 

The relationship between contractions (veins) and enlargement of the cervix

The function of the spoon as an expandable muscle tube

The birth of the placenta during the "aftercare period"

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