Eye model in 5x natural size in six parts

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Clinical eye model for understanding eye diseases

Our best-selling eye model The following parts are included in the model: - upper half of sclera with cornea and eye muscle - both halves of the choroid with iris and retina - Lens vitreous. Delivered on plinth.

Anatomically, the model shows the eye layer, which consists of the following: 

The outermost layer formed by the transparent cornea (cornea), which with limbus is connected to the sclera (the white tendon that forms the posterior 5/6) 

The middle layer (called uvea) which consists of iris (iris), corpus ciliare (ray body) and choroidea (choroid) 

The innermost part is called the retina (retina) 

In addition, the eye's movement system is visible on the outside, which consists of 6 transverse muscles - the 4 straight muscles called musculi recti and the 2 oblique muscles called musculi obliqui. Inside the eye model, the vitreous is seen. 

The eye model can be divided so that the layers can be seen (can be seen in the pictures on the left). In addition, the lens can be removed.

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