The pelvis and genitals

Explore Our Wide Range of Anatomy Models for Pelvic Anatomy

When it comes to deepening your understanding of pelvic anatomy, our anatomical models are an indispensable tool. We boast a diverse collection of pelvic models that include both male and female structures, including the important genitalia. These models offer comprehensive insight into the complex anatomy of the pelvis and serve as valuable resources in a variety of fields.

Pelvic models to help prepare for birth and understand anatomy

Our pelvic models have different areas of use and are adapted to different educational needs. For birth preparation and basic anatomy teaching, we offer models that represent the bony structure of the pelvis. These models provide a clear visualization of how the bones work together and can be particularly useful in illustrating the relationship between the pelvis and surrounding structures.

Advanced Bäcken models for Specific Education

For more advanced training, such as incontinence and pelvic floor training, we offer models that are more detailed and comprehensive. These models include not only the bone structure, but also blood vessels, nerves and pelvic floor muscles. By interacting with these models, you can gain a deeper understanding of how these components interact and affect the stream's function.

Swehealth's Versatile Range of Bäcken models

Our collection of pelvic models ranges from simpler models that focus on the bone structure, to more advanced models that include all relevant details, from nerves and blood vessels to genitals. These models serve as powerful educational tools for learning and understanding pelvic anatomy. Whether you are a teacher, student or a medical professional, our pelvic models can enrich your learning experience and help you clarify the complex aspects of pelvic anatomy.