Female pelvis model with pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles illustrated in single molded muscles and layers. us coccyx crucifixes us coxae (fusion of ischi (ham), pubis and the hip bone (hip / intestinal bone) flexibly mounted to the thigh to teach

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Female pelvis in high quality. The pelvis consists of individual supports flexible legs and muscles that include:

The pelvic floor muscles illustrated in individual cast muscles and layers.

us coccyx


Us Coxae (Fusion of Ischi, Pubis and Hip Bones, Flexibly Mounted to the Crossbone to Demonstrate Displacement in the SI Joint.



Measurements on the pelvis:

Diameter trans versa (over brook entrance) = 12 cm

Diameter conjugata (from the top of the sternum to the sternum joint) = 12.5 cm

Diameter obliqua (slant through the pelvis entrance) = 12.5

Dimensions of the pelvis opening:

Anteroposterior end of the pelvis (distance from the pelvic joint to the tip of our pimple) = about 11 cm (depending on the pimple position that is movable)

Transverse versa diameter (over the brook end) = 12 cm

The joint is flexible due to a special elastic assembly.

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Mått på bäcken inloppet:
Diameter trans versa (över bäcken ingång) = 12 cm
Conjugata diameter (från toppen av korsbenet mot bäckenbensfogen) = 12,5 cm
Diameter obliqua (snett genom bäckenet entrén) = 12,5
Mått på bäckenöppningen:
Anteroposteriora utmatning av bäckenet (avstånd från bäckenbensfogen till spetsen av oss svanskotan) = cirka 11 cm (beroende på svanskotan position som den är rörlig)
Diameter trans versa (över bäcken änden) = 12 cm

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