Lyxtorso with 6-membered arm in 33 parts

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This life-size torso has a unique 6-part arm. The model's accuracy is especially suitable for higher education, where there are high demands on precision and accurate reproduction of anatomical structures. Right half demonstrates the skin, the left half demonstrates the superficial and deep muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures. The versatile characteristics of this model, which incidentally is really aesthetic, rounded off with accurate representation of the internal organs, which include: -. two - shared head - brain, m. sternocleidomastoid - 6-piece arm (detachable are: deltoid, biceps, triceps, palmaris longus, flexor carpi radialis, brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis) part of the upper thigh - Chest / abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland - torso body - two lung halves - 2-piece heart - Liver with gall bladder - 2-part stomach - half a kidney - 4-part intestinal system - 3-piece female genitalia with fetus - 4-piece male genitalia. Supplied on a flat stand with manual.

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