Mini torso 15 parts

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Mini torso 15 parts | 26 cm

This small and popular miniature torso is only 26 cm high. Despite its size, the torson can be separated into 15 parts. Torso can be a fun gift or serve as a tool for explaining the most basic placements and forms of human organs. Torson has the following loose parts. In addition to the possibility of removing the above loose parts, the torso itself demonstrates the superficial musculature on the right front and back, however, with minor details. Both the jaw muscles and the entire back, including shoulder muscle, is visible. Note that the loose parts may require a little patience to get back in place after removing them.

Rear of head (cut calvarium)

Brain (2 parts) 

Trachea, esophagus and aorta

Lungs (4 parts)





Pancreas and spleen

The gut.

A fun and educational tool at a great price! Teach Anatomy with Torso

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