Anatomy poster - Muscles

Poster Anatomy - Muscles American plastic laminated posters in size 50x70 cm and fitted with hanging hole. Illustrations are excellent for teaching purposes. A

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Anatomy poster - Muscles

Available as a laminated or paper version

This variant of the poster is laminated and can be hung with our black skirtings that can be purchased separately. See more below.

The 75 micron laminate encloses the entire sheet, making it completely water-repellent and highly durable. Since we ourselves have laminated the posters, we can conclude that the quality of the lamination is high.

Whiteboards can be used on the poster. The plans are printed in the US and have the dimensions of 20 x 26 inches. Converted to cm (incl. A few millimeters for the lamination) the dimensions are 51 x 66 cm.

As described in the other variants of the chart, this poster is well known due to the precise and comprehensive illustrations made by Peter Bachin for the Anatomical Chart Company in the United States.

The poster shows the body's skeletal muscles in front and back of a male figure. Superficial muscles are seen on the left side of the figure and deeper muscles are seen on the right side. In addition, illustrations of diaphragm as well as the muscles of the foot and hand are seen.

The text on the poster is written in English - thus written "m. deltoid "as" part-time m "on the poster.

NOTE: The poster belongs to a series where there are also posters with the skeleton (click here) Together they make up a popular set that is presentable and easy to hang up.

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