Anatomy poster - Muscles

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Anatomy posters - Muscles


Genuine laminated poster that fits in 50x70 cm frames or hung up with our black poster lists that we have included for free. Lamination with 75 micron encloses the entire poster, thus fully water resistant and durable. It is possible to use whitemarkers, without damaging the poster. A quality has hedged by taking responsibility for lamination. The posters are printed in the United States and measures 20x26 inches. translated including some millimeters lamination measuring approximately 52 x 67 cm Muscular System Poster 51x66 cm English. The poster is very widespread in the West because of the extensive illustrations made by Peter Bachin the Anatomical Chart Company. The poster is often the poster that teachers refer to and why students are taught. The poster shows the muscular system and rear with superficial muscles, deeper muscles, respectively. right and left side. An illustration of the membrane as well as additional photos of foot and hand. Note that the poster is with English-Latin and not pure Latin. For example, says M. deltoid muscle of the poster deltoid m. This classic map of the muscular system was illustrated by Peter Bachin in 1947 and continues to be one of the most Nemt Recognized pictures in medical illustration. All illustrations are vividly colored and finely detaljeret. All structures Clearly marked. The major central illustrations show ORO front and rear views of the male muscular system.

Four smaller illustrations show: the muscles of the right hand, the right half of the diaphragm muscles of the posterior abdominal wall muscles of the right foot.

The posters are excellent for teaching purposes.

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