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Understanding Osteoporosis English Laminate (Understanding Osteoporosis)

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laminated poster that can be attached to our black poster lists, which we have attached for free. The 75 micron lamination encloses the entire poster, which is therefore completely water repellent and durable. It is possible to use whitemarkers without damaging entries. A quality we have ensured that we stand for lamination.

? Understanding osteoporosis is a beautifully illustrated diagram that is easy to understand and perfect for patient education.

This chart helps you explain what osteoporosis is and its effects on the body.

The illustrations include:

Finding a rear view of a female body with a skeleton

Common places of osteoporosis with a close view of fractures in the lower spine, hip and wrist

spinal column with microscopic view of healthy bone and bone with osteoporosis

progressive spinal deformity in osteoporosis


risk factors

prevention and treatment

bendensity and bone density testing.

Made in the United States

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