Acupuncture Plate - The Essential Charts of Acupuncture

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The Essential Charts or Acupuncture

Guidance and overview in the body for acupuncture

Acupuncture posters together form the ultimate tool for both students and professionals who do not compromise the quality. During the more than 1 year design and development phase, the recipe is:

  • Specialized anatomical drawings 
  • A wealth of literature and posts
  • Countless improvements and reviews
  • Pedagogy and systematics
  • Professional vanity down to the smallest detail

From the beginning, the idea is that the posters must be an unparalleled educational aid, to memorize and repeat the essence of acupuncture. The content is therefore tailor-made for students on acupuncture training and for quick overview for trained and experienced acupuncturists.


Color-enhanced and clear meridian courses

English and Chinese meridian names, as well as English abbreviations.

Placement of points mainly according to Peter Deadman's "A Manual of Acupuncture"

Color and symbol marked items including Yuan Source, Luo, 5 elements, Shu and Mu

The 5-element layer is added to the illustration containing the 5-element points

Selected extraordinary articles with their Chinese names

European points name

Anatomically correct basic figure

Leg and bone processes (protrusions, retractions, etc.)

Format: 61 x 91 cm, 250 g paper, applied to SoftTouch - a matte and exclusive finish

The posters are delivered rolled and wrapped in plastic film. Intended for framing.

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