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New poster about reflexology with a focus on legs in 50x70 cm

New poster about reflexology with a focus on bones in 50x70 cm with Latin bone names and English title.

"Recreating exact models of human anatomy is a great challenge. Reproducing reflections of the same to the feet so that zones can be found and used - is an even greater challenge. If it succeeds - while expressing beauty, harmony and precision, then it is best result is achieved.I think it has succeeded.

This poster "Skeletal System" is the first of several about reflexology.

The poster has been possible through studies of the muscles of the feet for 25 years. The muscular zones are naturally connected to the legs and these will therefore make the zone positions of the legs visible.

Reflections stem from different understandings and the truth thus has different faces. It is therefore natural to see different variants of zone locations and sizes around the world.

Hag hopes that this visibility will be an inspiration and joy for students as well as for colleagues, even where it may break with a different understanding.

Facts about the poster

Professional vanity down to the smallest detail

Visualization of the body to the feet - for the benefit of both student, therapist and client.

Reflexology model understanding that leans on Hanne Marquardt

Nicknames in Latin

Basic figure created with the highest anatomical precision

Format in 50x70 cm printed on quality paper

The poster is delivered rolled in foil. Frame not included.

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