Diseases in middle ear laminated poster English

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Genuine laminated poster that can be hung with our black poster lists, sold separately. The 75 micron lamination covers the entire poster, which is completely waterproof and durable. It is possible to use white markers without damaging the poster. A quality we have ensured by standing for the lamination. The posters are printed in the United States and measure 20x26 inches, ie. ca. 51 x 66 cm with lamination.

Illustrations, photographs and descriptions of the following pathological conditions are given: acute ear inflammation, euthanasia rejection, atelectasis, drainage tube infusion, peritoneal perforation, tympanoplasty, otosclerosis, stafetomy, ear bone, ossiculoplasty, cholesteatomy, mastoidectomy and BAHA.

The normal healthy ear is also shown in cross section, as is the photograph of a regular drummer in quadrants. Ear development can also be studied.

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