Eye Disorders Laminated Poster (Disorders of the Eye)

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This is the second and updated anatomical poster of eye diseases. The poster shows normal eye anatomy, and the normal optical discs and illustrates blepharitis, meningitis, corneal ulcer, cataracts, avian eyes, retinal rupture and solubility, macular degeneration and glaucoma. The poster also shows esotropy and exotropy.

Disorders of the Eye Anatomical Chart has been visually updated for its Second Edition.

A large illustration of normal eye anatomy including normal sagittal section of the eye, close up of a normal retina and close up of a normal optical disc are shown.

Detailed illustrations of the following disorders are included:



corneal ulcers


vitreous floaters

retinal tear and detachment

macular degeneration

diabetic retinopathy



 It also shows esotropia and exotropia.

Genuine laminated poster that can be hung up with our black poster lists, which we have attached for free. The 75 micron lamination encloses the entire poster, which is completely water resistant and durable. It is possible to use whitemarkers without damaging the poster. A quality we have ensured by standing for the lamination.

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