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Pharynx and larynx, pharynx and larynx, English

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Laminated posters that can be hung up with our black lists included in the purchase. We have laminated the 75-micron plank, making it water-repellent and durable. Additionally, you can write with the whiteboard pen on the board without damaging it.

The plan is printed in the United States and is 20x26 inches. Converted to Swedish dimensions, including a few millimeters to the lamination, is 51x66 cm. 

The plan shows the whale in the sagittal plane and frontal plane, so you can see it from behind. There are also separate illustrations with the tonsils. Larynx is illustrated anterior, posterior, sideways with and without wall, from the top and from a sagittal perspective. In addition, larynx's function and phonation as well as larynx are illustrated by inspiration and deep inspiration.

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