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Plansch we ourselves have laminated to represent the heart. The plan can be hung up with our self-produced black lists, which come with free of charge. The 75 micron lamination covers the entire planch and is therefore durable and waterproof. You can write with the whiteboard pencil without damaging it. The plan is printed in the United States and is 20x26 inches. In centimeters, including a few millimeters for the lamination, the planch is 51x66 cm in size.

The plan illustrates the heart resting on diaphragm, with the main heart wall cut away so that you can see the inner structures of the heart. The blood vessels that run to and from the heart are also shown. In addition, the heart is illustrated from the front, from the back and with the chambers removed so that the heart valves are seen. A normal heart cycle, blood pressure and heart transfer system are also described.

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