Laminated poster on cardiovascular disease in English

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Genuine laminated poster that can be hung with our black poster lists, which comes with free of charge. The lamination covers the entire poster, which is completely waterproof and durable. It is possible to use white markers without damaging the poster. A quality we have ensured by standing for the lamination.

This second edition of Anatomical Diagram Company's Cardiovascular Disease is a useful diagram that R shows normal cardiac antomy and various cardiovascular diseases. All illustrations are marked and diseases are explained in text 

normal cardiac anatomy:

rear view 
coronary arteries 
wiring system and electrocardiogram (ECG) 
cardiac cycle 
The following cardiovascular diseases are illustrated and explained: 
coronary heart disease 
polyarterite nodosa (PAN) 

Kawasaki's disease 


myocardial infarction

cerebrovascular accident (stroke)

aortic aneurysm

left ventricular hypertrophy

heart failure

Made in USA.

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