16 shared mini torso with interchangeable genitalia

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Mini Torso with 16 parts and interchangeable genitalia

This torso 16 delaroch 45 cm in height, showing the human anatomy in detail. The model includes interchangeable genitalia as the only one of our mini torso. Furthermore, Altay mini torso invisible magnets are used to hold, for example, the two-piece heart and head together. This makes the use that ugly hooks where possible.

 The torso is ideal for the clinic, teaching children, or if you just want to save space in the classroom. The following parts can be removed:
   - 2-part head showing the throat and upper respiratory tract and medial section of the brain
- Half of the brain showing the structures of the medial incision
- 2 lungs
- 2 parts heart with viewing chambers, the ventricles mm. - stomach
- Liver with gall bladder
- Large intestine, small intestine and pancreas part, with a removable tab, which shows the inside of the caecum
- 2-piece male genitalia 2-piece female genitals

 When all the parts disassembled abdominal wall anatomy can be seen in detail.

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