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Hot Stone 36p

-The New popular form Massage "Hot Stone Massage"
-These Hot stone is hand made

Contains (36 Hot Stone):

Polished basalt stones / lava rocks

Why is Hot Stone gray?

1.Basalt is gray to the ground. We let it be her real color is natural color.
2.Vi do not want to make use of chemical dyes and industrial wax materials to paint the hot stone blocks and that many threats stones are stones come from the Polish cliffs.

Why Hot Stone basalt?

Because they hold heat for 45 minutes and is thick enough, their high salinity to accelerate customers' blood vessels that allow their muscles relax and blood circulation is activated.
These stones are of therapeutic basalt stone that has a high iron content and holds the heat in the best way. These hot stone is made of natural lava, volcanic rocks that are carefully and cleverly cut to the same shape in different sizes. Then you need even more skillfully work to polish the stones to perfection especially for hot stone massage
Basalt is a lava rock that is rich in iron and magnesium, features that make it ideal for hot stone treatments, because it's really good to retain heat and energy. Basalt occurs deep inside the volcano's interior, where several thousand years have had all their natural properties. As a volcano erupts and the lava comes in contact with the soil cool surface formed stone and may be extracted.

8 large stones (back and legs)
12 Between stones (hands and arms)
16 Small stones (face, forehead, neck)

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