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Polished basalt stones / lava stones

Why is Hot Stone Gray?

1.Basalt is gray to the ground. We let it be its real color which is nature color.

2.We do not want to use chemical dyes and industrial paraffin materials to paint the hot stone stones and many hot stone stones come from Polish rocks. 

Why the Hot Stone of Basalt?

The thickness of the stones and the high salinity content will accelerate the customers' blood circulation, which causes their muscles to relax, and the blood circulation to be activated.

These stones are of therapeutic basalt stones that have a high iron content and keep the heat in the best way. These hot stones are of genuine lava, volcanic stones that are carefully and skillfully cut to the same shape in different sizes. Then much more skillful work is required to polish the stones to perfection especially for hot stone massage 

Basalt is a lava stone rich in iron and magnesium, features that make it perfect for hot stone treatments, as it is really good to maintain heat and energy. Basically, deep inside the volcano interior, where several thousand years have had all their natural properties. As the volcano breaks out and the lava comes in contact with the earth cool formed surface stone and can be extracted

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