Tarsus - Model MA

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Massage table Tarsus MA 45cm

* Easy
* Very stable
* 10 year warranty
* Adjustable height 60-80 cm
* Many widths
* Many color options
* Many accessories
* Can be "transformed" into a stationary bench if it is complemented with an electrically or hydraulically

Massage table model MA is our first bestseller - a simple yet brilliant massage table. MA model has holes to face directly in massagebänkens pad, unlike the TE as the model has a head support on the short side. Model MA has, like all our portable massage tables, only two pairs of legs. The idea behind the design and construction is that it will be completely free for the therapist during the massage table. Thus you avoid bumping legs in anything when you treat. Even from the short side, it is possible to sit and get his legs under the bench.
10 years on frame, otherwise 2 years. Valid during normal wear.

See list below. Images on a separate page here

Total length
190 cm

Length folded
95 cm

45, 50, 55, 60, 65 or 70 cm.

60-80 cm (50-70 or 70-90 is available at extra cost).

about 13 kg (55 cm)

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