Tarsus - Model TE 50, 55, 60 cm width

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Massage table Tarsus Model TE

Tarsus TE, with its head restraint is adjustable in both height and retractable under the bench during transport, is a very versatile bench. It is used to plain classic massage, but also a variety of other therapies and treatments.

Each bench is built to your specifications. Therefore, it is available in many different widths and colors.

Tarsus TE is
* Swedish-made. Swedish customer service one phone call away.
* Adjustable in height.
* A really stable bench.
* A bench to rely on at all times, to keep year after year.
* Easy to take with you.
* Easy & quick to fold.
* A bench for the future: our base, your portable bench being stationary, when you need to have a hydraulic or electric height adjustable bench.

Approximately 1 week delivery, Shipping will be by 300 SEK

**Enter the "Comment on your order" What color code as well as the width of the bench.**
Standard colors are included in the price, other colors will be an expense of SEK 375

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