Tarsus - Model Zone - 60 cm wide

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Tarsus Model ZONE - 60cm

First, some important truths about the massage table Tarsus model ZONE:

* Easy
* Very stable
* 10 year warranty
* The backrest that can be adjusted to seven different positions
* Adjustable height 60-80 cm
* Many color options
* Many accessories
* Can be "transformed" into a stationary bench if it is supplemented with the electric or hydraulic undercarriage.
* A bench with great potential, with its height-adjustable backrest - a very stable backrest governed by seven steps, 0-48 °.

Can be used for example Reflexology, classic massage, beauty care, tattoo and many other forms of treatment where there is an advantage with the patient seated.
It is always 2cm extra padding in ZONE-The bench cushions, a total of 6 cm.
ZONE-benches are available in widths 60 and 70 cm. White lacquered chassis is standard, black lacquered are available as options.
It ansiktshål directly massagebänkens pad.
Zonbänken, like all our portable massage tables, only two pairs of legs. The idea behind the design and construction is that it will be completely free for the therapist during the massage table. Thus avoids the therapist encounter legs in anything when you treat.
Even from the short side, it is possible to sit and get his legs under the bench br>
If you want to complement the massage table model ZON with a head support pillow and armvagga, this excellent. There are ready-made holes on massagebänkens short side.

The headrest can be used only when the massage table is in a horizontal position. By the headrest can be adjusted in height, this provides great flexibility in treatments. You may besides, a longer massage table (about 220 cm long including headrest), which can be good if you treat more people.

ZONE, like all our portable massage tables, also complemented by our unique electrically or hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, which gives you two tables in one - a stationary massage table (home or clinic) and a portable massage table (when you are away and treat outside the home / clinic).

The massage table is mounted on the base by a simple procedure and removed just as easily.

In aluminum, making them much easier than other massage tables in steel.
Upholstered in leather, 6 cm polyether, ansiktshål.

Total length 190 cm
Height folded 95 cm
Length of back 65 cm

60 and 70 cm
60-80 cm (50-70 or 70-90 is available at extra cost).
16 kg (60 cm)

10 years on frame, otherwise 2 years. Valid during normal wear.

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