Massage Chair - Performance

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Massage Chair - Performance

Exclusive massage chair in the best components

Swehealth now presents this beautiful and unique massage chair in the Swedish market.

Massage Lounger Performance is designed to meet the body's need for massage services and support in sitting or lying position. Discover why the Performance stands out from other massage chairs.

This massage chair is designed for home or work, extremely durable chair, and is one of the massage chairs that are best able to adapt to your needs for a massage.

Massage rollers in this chair goes from the neck to the buttocks and gives massage relaxes tense muscles.

Performance provides a unique massage neck, shoulders, back, lower back, buttocks, feet. Performance has heat in the lower back, which soothes sore muscles and increases blood circulation.

Performance has 28 air bags that provide massages shoulder creases and arms and feet.

Performance is easy to use, turn on and a single button and select one of the preset massage programs - all with unique variations. Including the chair has three preset programs.


Focuses the massage on the neck and shoulders to help relax the muscles.

Lumbar mm:

Concentrate on the user's body to the seat


Waist Massage program focuses on the spine

The other preset programs, including Thai massage focuses on the entire body.

With the new Performance will experience a whole new dimension of massage that you do not experience in other massage chairs.

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