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 Massage Chairs / Massage chairs

Welcome to perhaps Sweden's largest stock of massage chairs SweHealth have wide range of massagestolar- / armchairs to depressed prices, now all afford their own massagestol- / armchair at home or in the company.

SweHealth have stayed in late 2007, you can as a customer feel safe on quality and we have spare parts in stock, we have many massage chairs / massage chairs for your customers to find a chair that fits you

Massagestol- / armchair on the company: massage company is a profitable investment

How much sick leave in your company? An average cost for an employee who is ill is 1.500kr per dag.Med using massage at your workplace, you can prevent problems, including pain in the back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and head. Moreover, increase job satisfaction and performance. There are therefore your business become more efficient and profitable with a massage chair at your business. With a very small investment shows that companies care to their employees. A massage chair is an excellent tool that gives your employees increased energy A massage chair from SweHealth can contribute to increased job satisfaction, which will lead to reduced absenteeism and better working environment. Today, says researchers worldwide that massage affects the autonomic (non volitional) nervous system, the hormones that give calm released, increasing blood circulation and muscle tension decreases. Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, professor of physiology at the Karolinska Institute and recognized as one of the world's leading hormone researchers in their research concluded that massage and other touch triggers the hormone oxytocin, also called the "peace-and-quiet-hormone".

Our campaign, take the opportunity to make your life business of Massage chair / Massage Chair