Anti-cellulite vacuum massage clutch

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Anti-cellulite vacuum massager

New 2020

  • Ergonomic, functional and easy to use 
  • Power button
  • Adjustable suction speed (side button)
  • Suitable for use over the hip, thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen
  • Rechargeable

Incredibly effective vacuum massage for Coupling massage for the back that is electrically automatic, must be experienced.

Vacuum massager uses vacuum for coupling therapy, which is more effective than manual coupling in terms of strength. Didn't even think it could be so powerful 

Easily adjusted with 3 different settings, the suction power is adjusted, a cellulite treatment based on vacuum therapy works so that you lubricate with the cream on the area to be treated and pull the cup unit up and down on the area you are treating.

The massage cream that comes with it also works as a liniment that increases the heat while it is easy to drag the device over the area being treated

Perfect solution that quickly and conveniently helps get rid of cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin 

You can also lock it in the specific area if you want to buy a special place

You may have slight bruising for a few days afterwards where you treated because you get vigorous blood circulation

Electric vacuum clutch kit 1x

Cupping cream 1x

Nozzles different sizes 4x

USB cable for charging 1x

Storage box 1x

1 year warranty

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