Electric neck massage wireless

Neck massage device electric

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Electric neck massage TENS

Neck massage device

Neck massage sends electrical impulses TENS through the skin which blocks pain and releases tension as a bonus, we have also added infrared heat which effectively treats the neck, which creates deep tissue relaxation in the neck muscle.

The massage device with TENS is used daily in healthcare by physiotherapists etc. and is a well-proven form of treatment

This massager has heat function, 3 massage modes and 16 intensity levels, Automatic program that shuts off after 15min. TENS electronic neck massage, which differs from conventional massage devices, helps with neck pain, shoulder fatigue, body tension, improves sleep quality and promotes blood circulation. The ergonomic 3D U-shape fits all necks. It is very light and can be worn anywhere: perfect for home, office, etc.

Warms the neck with infrared heaters 38 & 42 degrees

Release tension, avoid migraine headaches

Rechargeable via USB

Fast charging, long operating time 1.5 hours charging and 1200 mAh lithium battery

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