Massage Tools - Thumbsaver Massage

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Massagetillbehör triggerpunkter

Massage Tools - Thumbsaver Massage

Thumbsaver Massage | Protecting thumb | Effective for djugående Massage

Effective massage tools

Specially designed massage accessories to help you carry deep tissue massage and trigger point massage. This ergonomic tool makes it possible to comfortably give the client a deeper and more effective therapy while eliminating a common problem - congestion of the therapist's thumbs. Moreover Fysiotummen can be used together with oil, lotion or massage cream for better therapeutic results.

Usage: This special tool is designed for multifunctional use, depending on the therapist's preference and treatment requirements. For example. Fysiotummen can be up-and-down petrissage (muskelknådningar) and deep massage. On the other hand, it can be as plain or with fingertips to exert slight pressure applied to have neck tension to release and to achieve general relaxation

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Height: 13.5cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Material: ABS plastic
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