Ultrasound Brits Electric height adjustable

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Ultrasound Brits Electric height adjustable

Electrically or hydraulically raised and lowered . Designed for the examination of the heart , in consultation with health care professionals for the best patient comfort , ease of use and ergonomics.

The electrically adjustable stretcher is equipped with controller with unpowered connection , not other electronic equipment will be disturbed.

Weight Capacity
200 kg for both hydraulic and electric model .

Hatch for cardiac assessment
Can be turned away and placed under the bunk for the examination of the heart without having to remove it from the bench. Door size approx 28x28 cm.
Stand and wheels
Chromed or epoxy stand as desired. Fully welded steel pipes of the highest quality. Sturdy construction with four lifting points . Low minimum height and high maximum height facilitates patient on service and provide good settings for correct posture . Paper roll holder , tear bar , handlebar grips on backrest and accessory rail included.
Back support and shock position
Stepless gas piston , or the electric motor as an option to the electrical model .

Of foam with very high comfort , upholstered in leather .

Plastic cover
For easy cleaning the chassis with integrated drawer provides storage space under the bunk .

Support for the patient's back , adjustable in rotation , length and depth as accessories.

Four wheels, two lockable , one direction blocked and an unbraked 125 mm wheels. Four central locking 125 mm castors, one direction blocked as accessories.

220-240 V/24 V. Hand Controls (24 V) standard , footswitch (24 V) supplies. Available with battery backup

Governed by a foot pedal .

Height: 200 cm
Width: 70 cm
Height: 53-91 cm
Back support : 75 cm
Back angle : 64 °
Trendelenburg angle: 14 °
Weight: 68 kg

See pictures below for additional accessories

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