Gynecological chair, electric with three motors

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In recent years, we have developed several new products around the classy and strong pillar engine from Linak, including foot care and sampling chairs. The feedback we received from customers regarding these has been extremely good.

Now the tour has come to the gynstol. 

Through its modern design and robust construction, the new gynecology has all the features required by today's healthcare. Its ergonomic design makes it very user-friendly.

A low minimum height and high altitude provides good adjustment possibilities, which both helps the staff to work ergonomically correct and facilitates the patient's descent and boarding.

Leg support, extendable leg plate, patient handle, electric backrest, neck pillow, central locking wheels, rinse bowl and paper roll holder are included, as well as hand and foot controls.

How it is regulated

The new gynstol has three motors, so both height, seat angle and backrest are electrically controlled.


The leg supports are based on a ball joint and are therefore easy to fine-tune to the appropriate position. They are also fully adjustable in height and forward / backward on the accessory rail. The black part where you rest your legs is made in a user-friendly and easy-to-clean black integral foam, a kind of sludge. The leg supports can, of course, be cleaned with the usual cleaning and disinfectants used by the health service.

patient Handle

The chromed patient handles are an excellent support for the patient when sitting or standing up. They can be moved very easily along the accessory rail. Both patient handles and leg supports can also be very easily removed completely, which is a good help for example when a patient is to be moved from a wheelchair or bed.

Chassis and wheels

The fully welded steel chassis is powder coated in a gray shade. The solid wheels with 100 mm diameter are locked and released with a single pressure - so-called central locking. This makes the chair easily placed in the examination room and enables short emergency transport with the patient seated.

Rinse Bowl

The stainless steel rinse bowl under the seat is included. Outer size 34x21 cm, inner dimensions up to 30x20 cm.


High lying comfort, padded with foam plastic, clad in artificial leather. A large number of colors are available to match the room

decor, see colors. The backrest frame protects the pad from bumps.


220-240 V / 24 V. Foot and hand controls included. Available with battery backup.

Dimensions & Weight

Length: 134 cm

Length incl. Leg plate: 174 cm

Width: 55 cm

Seat height: 55-95 cm

Max height at the outer edge of the leg plate when it is

max out and chair angle max max: 115 cm

Backrest length: 92 cm

Backrest angle: 10-60 °

Length of seat plate: 39 cm

Shock position angle -22 °

Weight: 97 kg

Lifting capacity: 165 kg

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