Electric sampling chair on pillars

Electric sampling chair on pillar, ergonomic examination chair that has been developed in consultation with healthcare professionals

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Electric sampling chair on pillar

The electric sampling chair with Linak's pillar engine is one of several chairs in our pillar series. It is a smooth, user-friendly, ergonomic and very stable sampling chair with four engines.

The sampling chair is a treatment chair built around a Linak pillar. It is a flexible, user-friendly, ergonomic and very stable chair. With its four engines, it can be easily adjusted to perfect working position.

Available in this version that takes a maximum of 175 kg or a version that takes slightly heavier patients, a total of 215 kg.


 = Fully welded powder coated steel pipe stand. Electrically adjustable, very stable construction. The chair can be adjusted from sitting position to shock position and vice versa with a single button press.

Height = Electrically adjustable 48-80 cm.

shock Location

 = Electrically adjustable. Since the shock position can be regulated with foot control (from both sides of the chair), the nurse can, for example, have his hands free for patient and needle.


 = Electrically adjustable.

Bone plate

 = Electrically adjustable.

Neck cushion = The neck cushion included is very comfortable and can be adjusted up and down.


 = Foam-filled plastic, covered with synthetic leather, available in most colors.

Protective cover = The protective cover on the chair's chassis protects the motor. Its clean lines also facilitate cleaning.

Wheels = 100 mm central locking wheels included. With the easy-rolling wheels help, the chair can be very easily rotated or moved when, for example, cleaning. The solid wheels also enable emergency transport in a simple and safe way.

patient Handle

 = The patient handles are included. They are an aid to relying on during boarding and boarding, very stable. Adjustable along the accessory rail and easily removable, which facilitates if the patient needs to be carried from a wheelchair or bed.

The armrests = The armrests included are very stable. They can be adjusted in height, angle and around their axis, very simple and practical.

The armrests come in three variants:

* With removable leatherette-padded cushions (standard) The armrests' cushions, which are included, are removable and thus interchangeable. Dimensions of armrest cushion approx. 46x19 cm.

* As above but without cushion and in black integral foam

* So-called "Active Armrests"

The first two armrests are also adjustable forwards / backwards along the accessory rails. They can also easily be removed completely, which facilitates if the patient needs to be carried from a wheelchair or bed.

The active armrests, which are attached to the back of the backrest and not to the accessory rail, maintain their angle when adjusting the backrest. The point is that even if the patient's backrest needs to be adjusted, one can keep the arm in the armrest without changing the armrest angle.

All three variants are angularly adjustable by means of a gas piston.

Engines & Controls

220-240 V, motors 24 V. Hand and foot control included. The foot controls, located on both sides of the chair, are mounted on the chair above the floor. This, as well as the fact that there are no cables on the floor, either to / from the hand or foot controls, is a big advantage with our chair. The hand controls are easily mounted on one of the two enclosed suspension devices.

Suspension devices

There are two chrome handles on the chair's backrest. They can be used for suspension of the hand control but also constitute control handle for emergency transport. If you prefer to instead have a paper roll holder on the chair's backrest, the handles are removed and the holder is mounted in the same hole.

End Tables


On new chairs you can now also order a loading table as an accessory. The table can be placed on either side of the chair.

Battery backup

As an option, you can equip the chair with battery backup, which ensures operation even in the event of a power failure.

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Dimensions & Weight
Total length 174 cm
Length Backrest 90 cm
Length The seat cushion 48 cm
Length Leg leg 31 cm
Width of pads 55 cm
Bench width 48 cm (42 in the narrowest position)
Height 48-80 cm.
Weight 93 kg
Lifting capacity 165 kg

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