Assistance table electric 60x40 cm

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Electrically height-adjustable stainless steel support table

The rack and discs are made of stainless steel, pillar in stainless steel with built-in actuator. Available with disc size 60x40 cm or 70x50 cm. 

Countertops    : Stainless steel discs with so-called bead edge, an increase around which prevents things from rolling down over the edge. Against the price supplement you can get the assistance table's disc rotatable at an angle, max 45 degrees in either direction. 

Wheels: Stainless steel, ball bearings, with gray rubber band.

Height: 80-120 cm.

Control unit and charger: The control unit is rechargeable and can handle 30 max adjustments. Charging socket is mounted on the protective cover. Chargers included.

Weight 40 kg

Maximum load: 50 kg / shelf 


Antistatic wheels


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