Cover table electric 95x55 cm

Elektriskt höj- och sänkbart Stativ Stativet är tillverkat i rostfria profilrör, pelare i rostfri plåt med inbyggt ställdon. Mot pristillägg kan man få assistansbordets skiva vridbar i vinkel, max 45 grader åt båda håll. Hjul Hjulen är …

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Electric display table

The rack and discs are made of stainless steel, pillar in stainless steel with built-in actuator.

The control unit is rechargeable and can handle 30 max adjustments. Charging socket is mounted on the protective cover. Chargers included.

Table tops: Stainless steel discs with so-called bead edge, an increase around which prevents things from rolling down over the edge.

Wheels: Stainless steel, ball bearings, with gray rubber band.

Height: 80-120 cm.

Weight: 50 kg

Maximum load: 50 kg / shelf


Antistatic wheels


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