Transport serving trolley with fixed stainless steel plates 95x55 cm, 3-p

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Serving trolley 3-level with stainless steel discs in size 95x55 cm


The serving trolley is equipped with two driving handles, one standing for comfortable riding position and one lying down for the trolley to be run under a bench. Can also be obtained in a design with two lying handles at extra cost. The shelves are made of plastic laminate or stainless steel. The discs rest on spacer sleeves for easier cleaning between the disc and tripod.


Fully welded chrome-plated steel pipe stand in strong design, 22 mm pipe.

Slices, stainless steel

Stainless steel plate with bead edge, sound-damping 16 mm board plate glued to the underside of the stainless steel plate.


125 mm thread-protected castors, of which the two front with reject wheels. Except for models 040-2040 and 040-2050 which have 100 mm wheels.


Overall dimensions with drive handle, model 95x55: 122x60x95 cm (LxWxH)

Height to the upper disc

85 cm.

Distance between discs

On 2-carriages: 405 mm, on 3-carriages: 260 mm

weight Capacity

30 kg / disc

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