Base pressure relieving mattress

Base Pressure Relief Mattress

Base pressure relieving mattress (cheapest in Sweden with guaranteed)

Is a 7 cm thick temperature-sensitive mattress made of natural pressure relieving material. It is slightly firmer / harder than our Ortho mattress. The reasoning is that a lighter material is thinner cell walls and to have the same long service life, the material should be tighter when it is high so-called viscous elastic quality that Bas is. Base mattress is delivered vacuum packed to the customer with a removable lining of pure cotton. Buy our exclusive outer shell for about 300 SEK (80 and 90 cm width). The extremely low prices of Bass is mainly due to mattress has a lower density and that it is not packed by us after our Orto and Soft mattresses been in the air set for at least a week before delivery. Thereof may Base pillowtop mattresses have a certain material odors after being unpacked from the vacuum. This odor will disappear in a short time. The advantage of a vacuum packed mattress is mainly that it is much smaller and easier to transport home.

Base mattress you choose for the same medical criteria for our Ortho Mattress. A medical top product for better health, sleep and quality of life.

Guarantee !: Do the same mattress at a lower price, we will match it
Shipping: 300kr to you / 100kr for return Warranty:
10 year warranty
Testing at home: 30 days free testing
Delivery time: 2-5 days

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