Ortho pillow-top mattress

Ortho Pressure Relief Mattress

Ortho mattress is the only pressure-relieving mattress in Sweden by 8 cm visco-elastic foam. Prices are still smaller than those of our competitors. Ortho pillow-top mattress has a material quality that responds to body heat and molds to the maximum pressure relief. Suitable for all types of back and hip problems and also for improving the quality of sleep. An 8 cm thick pillow-top mattress with a coating of a thick laminated Beight stretch fabric with polyester on the inside and 100% cotton exterior.

Guarantee !: Do the same mattress at a lower price, we will match it

Shipping: 300kr to you / 100kr for return
Warranty: 10 year warranty
Testing at home: 30 days free testing
Delivery time: 2-5 days A medical top product for better health, sleep and quality of life.

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