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Pillow Sensflex

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Pillow Sensflex

Ergonomic pillow pillow

Sleep well with Sens. Flex

Pillow Sens flex molds to your neck and provide excellent support and relief. The cushion unique pressure relieving properties provide an effective muscle relaxation and molds to and supports the head and neck.
It is very difficult to determine the size you need, this pillow includes all sizes in a single pillow. The pillow contains sizes low, medium and high.

Outlast ® technology

Outlast ® Pillow Sens. Flex Outlast ® temperature regulating material that keeps the heat in ideal comfort zone for sleep.

Pillow ... not too hot
Pillow ... not too cold

High pillow: Pillow with post
Kuddkärna + two posts: 50x32x10, 2cm

Medium cushion:
Kuddkärna + one post: 50x32x9cm

Low pillow:
Kuddkärna without post: 50x32x7.8cm

3 years warranty

Delivery time: 2-4 working days

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